7 Key Measures Your Accounting Firm Can Take To Prevent Cyber Attacks


How Can Accounting Firms Prevent Cyber Attacks?

The increasing number of cyber-attacks has mandated the acquisition of robust strategies for various forms of businesses, especially accounting firms. The involvement of sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card details, bank account information, etc., makes it even more important for accounting firms to ensure that cyber-attacks are effectively dealt with.

Cybercriminals always find new ways to access your sensitive data, whether it is a phishing attack, malware, denial-of-service attack, or man-in-the-middle attack. To prevent it, you must take adequate measures and educate your employees to remain vigilant about suspicious emails, messages, and more.

This Whitepaper Contains:

    1. Introduction: What is a Cyber Attack?
    2. Types of Cyber Attacks
      1. Malware
      2. Phishing
      3. Denial-of-service
      4. Cryptojacking
      5. SQL Injection Attack
      6. Man-in-the-Middle Attack
    3. Examples of Cyber Attack
    4. Varying Nature of Cyber Attacks
    5. Targets of Cyberattackers
    6. What Happens During a Cyber Attack?
    7. The Challenge for Accounting Firms
    8. Why is Cybersecurity Important?
    9. How Your Accounting Firm Can Prevent Cyber Attacks?
    10. Conclusion

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