10 Accounting Trends That Will Dominate 2018

10 Accounting Trends That Will Dominate 2018

10 Accounting Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Accounting sector has seen many transformations in the year 2017 and changes indicate no signs of slowing down. Every year brings new trends which shake up the system and it’s time for accounting firms to jump the bandwagon.

With new technologies and innovations, the accounting sector continues to evolve and thrive. Firms should be aware of the latest and upcoming trends in order to simplify their work and reshape their business.

The whitepaper explains these 10 future trends for accounting firms.

  1. Cloud will continue to dominate accounting sector
  2. Big Data and IoT will change accountancy
  3. Mobile accounting will become a necessity
  4. Accountants will use social media for selling
  5. Automation will have a bigger impact
  6. Outsourced accounting will take centre stage
  7. Millennial generation is on the horizon
  8. Increased emphasis on client service
  9. The need to focus on customized and personalized services
  10. Globalization will shape accounting sector

The white paper takes a closer look at these trends which can be game changers.

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