Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

For clients who need full control of our powerful and fast server.

At AceCloudHosting, we provide a fully managed solution that is aimed to take your business to the next level. With our dedicated virtual servers, you can expect an increased uptime and security within the hosted applications. You would be fully assured by running critical financial applications on our dedicated servers since our server is loaded with full features and resources.

Dedicated server from AceCloudHosting, dedicated to you.

Get the entire server to yourself for complete control and security. Our experts would keep all the server software up-to-date and monitor performance 24*7, so you can focus on your core business.

AceCloudHosting provides dedicated virtual servers offered with higher uptime, freeing you from any server management hassles. Our network engineers will ensure that components are prevented and failure is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our experts have you covered

Advantages without the cost

Dedicated Access Control

Each Ace subscription has dedicated RAM, CPU and disk space which you control access to, thus allowing clients a complete server autonomy.

Scalable Resources

With virtual dedicated server, you can easily upgrade or downgrade RAM, CPU or sick-space according your changing business requirements.

Full Control over Software

Since the dedicated server is being operated exclusively for you, dedicated virtual server allows you to access and install any software.

Maximum Performance

Since resources being dedicated to single user, load time is significantly increased that divides resources among multiple users. Thus, users can enjoy a good performance.

We also offer some paid add-ons features including:

10 Years of experience makes all the difference!

Since 2004, AceCloudHosting, has been offering professional servers to the clients with high-quality support at affordable price. All dedicated servers offer brilliant performance with security, along with full range of features.

Our dedicated servers provide a complete control and allow maximum customization, installation and configuration flexibility, all backed by Ace’s unparalleled support.